An apology from a born-again blogger

I apologize for not blogging recently.

My daughter Jenn gave me “The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging”.  I thank her for it.  I found it inspirational.  Surprisingly, one of my main conclusions is that I should spend less time trying to sound anything like the Huffington Post. 

What you can expect from me in future posts:

  1. Shorter posts (with exceptions when needed)
  2. More frequent posting
  3. More Operations Research, including posts about OR education
  4. Less politics (except when there is an OR perspective)

If you disagree with any of this (or even if you agree) let me know.  Also, if you see interesting OR items or if you see an OR way of doing something where OR can help out, let me know.



3 Responses to “An apology from a born-again blogger”

  1. Michael Trick Says:

    Yes, definitely more posts on operations research! There are already lots of people blogging on politics but far too few people on OR.

  2. Larry (IEOR Tools) Says:

    We could always use more posts on Operations Research especially in the blogosphere.

  3. nanotürkiye Says:

    Yes I agree with all of them, especcially more posts on OR! Also do yo plan to change the theme of the blog?

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