Update on Logic Puzzle

Five readers sent in solutions to the Logic Puzzle from the other day.  They are (in order in which they sent the e-mail)

  1. Isaac Moses  (Isaac’s solution  — spreadsheet).
  2. Larry D’Agostino  ( Larry’s solution — spreadsheet).
  3. Hakan Kjellerstrand (Hakan’s solution:  constraint program)
  4. Pierre Schaus (Pierre’s solution : constraint program)
  5. Joao Natali  (Joao’s solution:  constraint program).

For those interested in more logic puzzles as well as solution techniques, see the following websites provided by my daughter Jenn.  The fourth one has a  word puzzle like that of my previous post.

http://brownbuffalo.sourceforge.net/BuildingBlocksClues.html  (another block/dice puzzle)

Thanks everyone.  

Incidentally, the ease for solving it using Constraint Programming makes me think that Constraint Programming should be considered a fundamental tool in the OR toolkit.


2 Responses to “Update on Logic Puzzle”

  1. Larry (IEOR Tools) Says:

    Thanks Jim for posting my solution. That was fun. Another really interesting mathematical puzzle website is called Project Euler (http://projecteuler.net/). It is more about mathematical puzzles and will require some computer savvy to solve as well. Yet it is very challenging and can be quite rewarding.

  2. Comet: regular constraint, a much faster Nonogram with the regular constraint, some OPL models, and more « UBUNTU DE CLAIR Says:

    […] days later he wrote Update on Logic Puzzle where the contributed models were presented. There where another Comet […]

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