Are we a nation of cowards?

Eric Holder said “In things racial we have always been . . . essentially a nation of cowards” because “average Americans simply do not talk enough with each other about race.”

Eric Holder chose an unnecessarily provocative term, and the media (and anyone who doesn’t like Obama, including Jeff Jacoby) went after Holder as an easy target. But I think Holder was making a simple and true point, which I will paraphrase as follows: “An average American feels uncomfortable about having honest discussions about race with an American of a different race, and therefore avoids these discussions.” This paraphrased comment reflects a tendency of many to avoid uncomfortable conversations, and not a universal truth or a judgment.

The storm of protest over his comments is further evidence that too many Americans spend too much of their mental energy reacting to very mild insults that they can feel aggrieved about.  By the way, there are many Americans who would be very insulted by this remark about how easily they are offended by very mild insults.  But they probably wouldn’t share this with me because they are cowards   🙂


One Response to “Are we a nation of cowards?”

  1. Tom Rod Says:

    As one who has never been accused of being a coward, I concur.

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