Rush Limbaugh vs. Jim Jones

Hi Dick,

It’s great to hear an OR colleague respond to one of my political posts (comment to my post “It’s not a conspiracy …” ).  Given that you have kind things to say about Rush Limbaugh, it is not surprising that you disagree with me.  We may not be able to convince each other, but we can enjoy the process of trying.

I do want to follow up.  First, I fully disagree on Obama.  I think he is doing amazingly well, considering that he has a job that is absurdly complex, and he has taken over in very difficult times.  I don’t know how he can deal with the 1000s of responsibilities that come his way while dealing with a failing economy, two wars, a government that was seriously undermined by his predecessor, and an opposition that does not give him an inch.  But Obama has a first-class mind and a first-class temperament, and he has surrounded himself by talented people.  I believe he will do well.  (I have trouble enough finding time to write on my blog.  I have no clue how he manages what he does.)

It’s ironic that you mentioned “drinking Jonestown Koolaid” in your comment.  For weeks, I have been thinking that Rush Limbaugh is similar to Jim Jones (of Jonestown fame), and that he is try to lead the Republican party to a bad fate.  Rush is charismatic (at least to his followers); he appears to have NPD (narcissistic personality disorder); and despite what he says, his only true loyalty is to himself.  He is willing to sell out true conservatism and the Republican party because he is entirely focused on himself.

I also think that there has been a tipping point for the relationships between Republican leaders and Rush.  In the past, Republicans kowtowed to Rush because that was far better for them politically than creating a little distance from Rush.  But thanks to Rush’s desire to see the country fail (to validate and support his world view) and because Michael Steele became the poster child for a weak spine, the media is going to shine a much brighter light on the relationship between Republicans and Rush.  Unless Republicans want to become the party of irrelevance, they will need to distance themselves from Rush’s self-centered and mean spirited universe.  And I think that this will be very good for the long term health of the party.  While I do not like the current Republican leadership, I fully support a strong two party system, and feel it is needed for the health of our country.


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