Terrorism for Dummies, and a Remark on Republican Leaders

Al Qaida is still a fearsome organization, dedicated to causing us harm.  But that does not mean that they are attracting the best and the brightest of America-haters.  Recently, Slate has reported on a manual for recruitment appearing on their websites entitled ”A Course in the Art of Recruitment”, which includes such sage advice (paraphrased by Slate) as:

  • Nobody likes a pushy terrorist
  • Brush up on your Quran
  • Be nice

Moreover, in complete contradiction to our usual common wisdom, Al Qaida’s favorite group to recruit is the non-religious.

I borrowed the phrase “terrorism for dummies” from Rachel Maddow, who used it on 3/25/09 on her show.  She opined that the document sounds more like a “dating manual” than a terrorist handbook.

And now a remark about the Republican Party.  (I  need to work on my segues.)   The Republican Party may need a book entitled “Opposition politics for dummies.”  Two days ago, Bobby Jindal channeled Rush Limbaugh in publicly stating a desire to see President Obama  fail.  (He then  whined that others were inhibiting Republican free speech.)  Has it occurred to Republicans that this desire sounds un-American to most of the rest of us?  Moreover,  Republican leaders can avoid this difficlty by changing their wording to “We don’t want Obama’s budget or agenda to pass Congress.”  When Republicans leaders can’t get this single point straight, it’s a sad day for the two-party system.


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